Cross domain connection manager with same calling mechanism as YUI

Update: The same functionality is now provided by the Yahoo! YUI Get Utility.

Update 2: Since the domain I used to host the file is not longer exist, I just paste the JS at the end of the post.

The YUI connection manager use XMLHttpRequest to make remote call, hence calling cross domain URL is prohibited by the browser security model. This class is to solve this situation without the need to setup any server side proxy, while maintaining the same calling mechanism as the YUI connection manager.

Script source:

Minified version:

Usage: Same as YUI connection manager

Functions supported:

asyncRequest, isCallInProgress, abort

Client side:

<script src=""></script>
// Same callback object definition as YUI connection manager
var callback = {
    success: function(obj) {
        var response = obj.responseText;
        // Do UI updates
    failure: function(obj) {
var txId = CrossDomainConnect.asyncRequest(


  • Only GET method is supported, as it uses script tag hack
  • The target server side script must support an additional “callback” parameter for the connection manager to specify a callback function. Continue reading